Natural Gas / Methane – Cross Duct Gas Detector (XC) -Coal Mining
This cross duct gas detector is specific to Methane (CH4). The separate transmitter and receiver assemblies are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in above ground industrial applications and can detect CH4 over distances of 0.5 to 5 meters. Constructed in high grade corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel this device is ideally suited for harsh environments. Typically mounted on opposite sides of ventilation ducting and with a genuine speed of response of less than 0.25 seconds, this device is ideal for the fast indication of gas concentration and the activation of process / ventilation control. With no consumable parts and the patented daily auto-self testing facility called ‘SimugasTM’, the Senscient ELDSTM CH4XC, cross duct detector offers significant operational cost savings over conventional fixed point and cross duct flammable gas detectors.

where the exhaust air flow is sent to an oxidizer and burnt before being sent to the atmosphere. These devices are typically mounted onto opposing side walls of ventilation ducting to provide earlier detection and fast activation of process executive actions.


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