Engineered with the end-user in mind, the Roto-Boss™ eliminates the pain points experienced with conventional meter runs. Sur-Tech have engineered a multi-orifice advancement of the conventional meter run that offers precision measurement, safe, easy operation and a 10-second plate change out procedure.

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  • Rotating orifice mechanism allows users to shift plates in seconds without interrupting the flow and causing down-time.
  • Plate exchanges and inspections can be accomplished by accessing one simple inspection plug.
  • Rotating orifice plate design eliminates exposure to harmful gases and pressures. Masking up is unnecessary, even in sour gas operations.
  • With the Auto-Boss™, which adds remote management capabilities to Roto-Boss™ features, users can connect to utilize actuators and positioners to connect to SCADA systems and perform automated plate changes.
  • Simple design (only 6 main components) ensures that the Roto Boss™ is easy to maintain and incredibly durable.
  • Engineered for accuracy. Meets AGA 3 and ISO 5167 measurement standards.
  • Bolts into existing meter run dimensions (made to measure)
  • Locking mechanism ensures orifice plate concentricity and prevents tampering.
  • Fiscal Gas Metering
  • Co2 Metering
  • Wet Gas Metering
  • Allocation Gas And Fiscal Metering
  • Fluid Separators
  • Fracturing Process
  • Well Head Flow Line Measurement
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