Hydrogen Sulphide and Methane Open Path Gas Detector

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Methane (CH4). Each of the two detection channels is configured and specific to the target gas. The separate transmitter and receiver assemblies are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and can detect H2S + CH4 over distances of 5 to 60 meters. Constructed in high grade corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel […]

Multi Hydrocarbons + Hydrogen Sulphide Open Path Gas Detector

Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Ethylene, Propylene and Butene plus Hydrogen Sulphide in a single device. which are calibrated for a single hydrocarbon, Senscient’s Multi Hydrocarbon+H2S device is factory calibrated to provide accurate gas readings for Methane, Ethane, Ethylene plus a fourth higher hydrocarbon selectable at the time of manufacture and H2S. provides significant advantages […]

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