Phase Dynamics
Water-Cut Analyzers

also referred to as BS&W meters or basic sediment and water meters, are used in many applications including fiscal transfer, production monitoring, and well testing.  The product line is based on the innovative sensing technology of oscillator load-pull.  As the mixture of flowing liquids passes through the measurement section, the oscillator senses the entire cross section of the material and instantaneously shifts in frequency as the material composition changes.  This frequency shift is a direct measure of flowing material change within the measurement section.  From a sensor technology perspective alone, Phase Dynamics sets the standard. 

Phase Dynamics has supplied this product family globally to the top names in the oil industry.  It is selected for many reasons including quality, reputation, repeatability, and stability.  In addition, each analyzer manufactured by Phase Dynamics is factory calibrated, tested, and inspected under rigorous standards.  Electronic components receive factory burn-in cycles to further improve quality and service life.  Thorough documentation practices make each analyzer fully traceable for future reference.

an Electronics Enclosure Section, and an interconnecting system cable. 

Measuring Range

the Low Range Analyzer is typically used for custody transfer or pipeline applications whereas the Full Range is used for certain well testing and production applications where high water cut is present.  The oscillators for each measurement range have been optimized to provide maximum load-pull to achieve best-in-class precision and repeatability.

Wø denotes water phase.  Inversion refers to the phase change from water-in-oil to oil-in-water.  The Full and High Range Analyzers offer Heuristic Salinity© as a product option to maximize measurement performance in applications where salinity change is also a process variable.

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