Phase Dynamics
CCM Multiphase Meters

gas, and water flowing from production wells.  They are used both onshore and offshore for fast, accurate, and reliable well testing.  Multiphase flow meters, sometimes referred to as MPFM, are used in place of traditional two phase and three phase test separators.

CCM Systems with vessel diameters from 12 to 52 inches have been delivered to cover an entire range of production from small oil wells to large gas wells.  The CCM family is engineered by Phase Dynamics to meet the specific requirements for production and test separator applications.  Since it is a separation system with real gas demisters it can handle wet gas measurements.

oil, and water flowing before recombining the streams to the output flange.  Efficient separation takes place through an advanced vessel design where tangential velocity typically creates a separation force in excess of 50 g’s.  The separated gas then passes through demisting elements to further dry the gas before it is routed to the gas meter.  The separated liquids are then routed for liquid metering.

and Micro Motion Coriolis meters.  Water-in-oil is metered with a Full Range Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzer equipped with the Heuristic Salinity© routine.

water, and gas, pressure, temperature, and other parameters available on display or through the data interface.

The Phase Dynamics CCM Meters are field proven systems for fast and accurate production well measurement.

Measuring Range

The CCM Meters are full range measuring systems.  Each system’s components are selected based on the actual flow rates and operational specifications to maximize performance and accuracy.

Uncertainty (2σ)
Meter Type
Phase Dynamics
 Gas flow 0-100%  +/-5% Coriolis
 Liquid flow +/-5% Coriolis

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