Phase Dynamics
Water-Cut Analyzers

also referred to as BS&W meters or basic sediment and water meters, are used in many applications including fiscal transfer, production monitoring, and well testing.  The product line is based on the innovative sensing technology of oscillator load-pull.  As the mixture of flowing liquids passes through the measurement section, the oscillator senses the entire cross […]

PPM Analyzers

Phase Dynamics PPM Water-Cut Analyzers raise the standard in innovation.  The PPM Analyzers are highly sensitive real-time instruments developed specifically for use in the oil industry to measure parts per million water levels in condensate processing. the oscillator senses the entire cross section of the material and instantaneously shifts in frequency as the material composition […]

CCM Multiphase Meters

gas, and water flowing from production wells.  They are used both onshore and offshore for fast, accurate, and reliable well testing.  Multiphase flow meters, sometimes referred to as MPFM, are used in place of traditional two phase and three phase test separators. CCM Systems with vessel diameters from 12 to 52 inches have been delivered […]

Fiscal Skid Analyzers

Phase Dynamics Fiscal Skids are custom designed for Custody Transfer applications such as pipeline and tanker unloading facilities.  These are typically installed in a fast loop at the outlet of the processing facilities or pipeline storage. The system integrates a Water-Cut Analyzer and a Coriolis flow meter to provide flow computer functions in terms of […]

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