High Pressure Water Mist Systems

The SECURIPLEX FIRE-SCOPE® 5000 Water mist fire protection system can solve your fire protection needs across a number of platforms spanning the industrial, commercial, mining, marine, chemical, and other markets. If you would like an alternative to CO2, FM200, sprinklers or even Novec 1230, water mist offers advantages than no other fire suppression system can offer! Key […]

Low Pressure Water Mist Systems

The SECURIPLEX Water Mist system is a highly effective extinguishing system that uses water and air to generate a fine water droplet. The Water Mist system uses less water than standard sprinkler systems and provides equivalent or better extinguishing characteristics than gas but without hazard to personnel. Specifically, the Water Mist’s unique characteristics provide the user with: […]

Propak Alarm Control Unit

The PROPAK Alarm Control Unit is a compact panel design providing detection and control of local and auxiliary alarm systems. Approved for releasing service, it performs fire as well as gas detection and can be easily programmed for the control of various auxiliary functions such as fire suppression supervision and release, fire door and ventilation […]

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