Space & Time Saving Wellheads

Maximize Well Optimization & Working Productivity Through Wellhead Design

increased working productivity, and maximizes safety.

A few of the features of these wellheads include:

  • Quick connections in the place of flanged connections to attach to the BOP and subsequent wellhead sections.
  • Smaller wellhead profiles that allow for smaller cellars and drilling pads.
  • Low profile caps that enable rigs to easily skid over to the next well on the pad. 
  • Fast make-up connectors that eliminate the need for wrenches to install the BOP or tubing head and reduce time spent under suspended loads in confined spaces.


  • High Efficiency System (HES; not available in Canada)
  • MW9
  • MW4
  • Full Bore
  • Unitized (UWS)
  • Twin Wellhead System (TWS)
  • Offshore Platforms

For more information, please contact our sales representative.

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