Hydraulic Valve Actuation

Stream-Flo’s Crown hydraulic actuated valves are used for the automatic closing of gate valves on wellheads and flow lines under emergency conditions. The system consists of a hydraulic actuator and a reverse-acting gate valve.

Crown hydraulic actuated valves are API 6A certified and SIL 3 capable to provide reliable protection of personnel, facilities, resources, and the environment.


Crown hydraulic actuated valves can be applied as:

  • Emergency Shutdown Valves (ESDVs)
  • High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPSs)
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPSs)
  • Shutdown Valves (SDVs)
  • Surface Safety Valves (SSVs)

In the following applications:

  • Wells – Conventional
  • Wells – Gas Storage
  • Wells – High Pressure
  • Wells – High Temperature
  • Wells – Water Disposal
  • Flowlines
  • Manifolds
  • Skids


Hydraulic Design Features: Actuator
thus providing ease of service or replacement.

Hydraulic Design Features: Assembly

both upper and lower, are incorporated in the bonnet assembly. This enables the valve and bonnet to be completely assembled and stroke set independent of the actuator. A metal-to-metal stem back seat provides a means of sealing to isolate the stem-packing cavity from the flow medium in the event of a stem packing failure in addition to providing an upper travel stop for the gate.



API 6A Sizes: 1-13/16” to 11”

000 psi

API 6A Temperature Classifications K to Y (-75°F/-60°C to +650°F/+345°C)

API 6A Material Classes AA to HH

API 6A Performance Requirements 1 & 2

2, 3, 3G & 4

SIL 3 Capable

Fire-Safe Capable


Standard Maximum Cylinder Working Pressure – 3500 psi (optional maximum cylinder working pressures available upon request)


  • Custom Packaged Actuation Systems
  • Indicator Rod Protectors
  • Limit Switches
  • Lock Open Devices
  • Theft Proof Enclosures
  • Other application requirements

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