Oilfield Services

Knowledge is the first step towards understanding, and with understanding comes optimization. For robust and actionable information that improves reservoir management and ultimate recovery. OptaSense® Oilfield Services provides distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) solutions that deliver enhanced data acquisition, monitoring and visualization of seismic activity, completion operations and production flow.  OptaSense DAS services include verticle seismic profiling […]

Pipeline Integrity Management

OptaSense is now recognised as world leaders in Pipeline Integrity Management utilising Distributed Acoustic Sensing – the technology that is radically challenging conventional, more expensive and less efficient means of managing these critical assets. OptaSense has grown from just 3 to more than 140 professionals in 4 years and now has unrivalled experience through protecting […]

Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security

  The OptaSense Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security system (PIDS) safeguards your  infrastructure and assets using advanced distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology capable of identifying and locating multiple threats in real time, with point-locating capabilities to 10m. BENEFITS • Detects, locates and classifies multiple threats• Identifies vehicles, personnel, digging and fence breach• Offers passive and […]

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