Kockum Sonics

KOCKUM SONICS MARINE has its heritage in ship design and ship construction from the well-known Kockum Shipyard. acoustic signal system, LOADMASTER® loading computers, LEVELMASTER® level gauging systems, SHIPMASTER® cargo and ballast automation and INSONEX® sonic cleaning for marine applications. All with strong positions on the market. All products and software are developed in close cooperation […]


authorities and organisations like civil defence, chemical industries, nuclear power plants, for dam rupture alarms, brigades etc. In many places like Northen Europe, USA to Middle East and Far East where the alarm signal systems have proven to be the best choice.   TYFON® Air driven sound emitters TYFONIC® Electronic driven sound emitters

Sonic Cleaning

as well as with several boiler and catalyst cell manufacturers. Kockum Sonics can offer you the best and widest range of sonic cleaning products backed-up with our core knowledge in acoustics and long experience from process technology. used for boilers, SCR´s and Filters as well as for Food and fine chemical applications. SONOFORCE® Powerful Audible […]

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