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Airport Wind Shear Detection System

Lockheed Martin’s WindTracer Doppler lidar (light detection and ranging system) detects dangerous wind shear in the airport terminal vicinity. the system also complements existing sensors by monitoring current meteorological conditions. allowing air traffic control personnel to give precise, timely direction to pilots during takeoff and landing. Defined as sudden changes in wind speed and direction […]

Environmental Monitoring Systems

valuable corrections to weather forecasting and statistical data for environmental criteria. inputs and outputs can easily be added or changed whenever required. The DADAS software package has been used in offshore applications for more than 15 years and has proven very user friendly and reliable for unattended operations in harsh environments. Data displays can be designed and configured […]

Forecasting Weather Systems

A+D can in co-operation with specialist weather forecasters ConWx offer a service where real-time weather data is combined with weather forecasts for the same site or platform. The Weather System will also be able to feedback real-time data from the system to the forecasters in order to improve accuracy further. This enables operators to predict […]

Helideck Monitoring Systems

A+D has been involved in developing Helideck Monitoring Systems since these systems were first introduced as an aid to improving safety and operations offshore. Such systems utilizing the well proven and user-friendly DADAS real-time data acquisition software have been in operation in harsh offshore conditions for more than 15 years. rules and regulations. A+D can also provide installation support, […]

Hull Stress Monitoring Systems

Structural Monitoring Systems, Hull Stress Monitoring Systems, Design Verification Systems and many others. typically weldable strain gauges or long baseline strain gauges, but can also be expanded to include accelerometers, motion data and environmental sen- sors. Stress monitoring can also be integrated or combined with other monitoring systems and long term data recording for future […]

Vessel Motion Monitoring Systems

A+D VMS-systems is designed to be used as a reliable tool for safer vessel operations as well as dedicated HSE tool. The VMS-system can significantly increase the safety level during critical operations and can also be used to collect data for later analysis for statistics purposes as well as storing data for incident and accident […]

Weatherstation for Ships

air temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. The sen- sor is very compact and rugged, has good accuracy, withstands vibration, has no moving parts and is practically maintenance-free. A standard bracket for mast installation is included. This sensor must always be located in an area free of turbulence or obstruction from other parts of the […]

Wind Sensors and Wind Displays for Ships

watertight, survives vibration and needs practically no mainte- nance. Standard bracket for installation in mast is included. typically 8” or 12”, showing real-time, gust and average values. These displays are based on rugged touchscreen panel-PCs running our very flexible WEATHER DISPLAY software and can easily be expanded with additional sensors later, if needed. such as […]

Wind Farm Operational Intelligence

informed energy trading decisions and avoidance of site control error penalties. allowing for accurate tracking and control of turbine performance. It produces reliable data for complete site management, ensuring that wind farm assets are maintained and operated to maximize energy production. stabilizing energy generation output and increasing profit. Forecasts turbine output power with WindTracer® Lidar […]

Wind Resource Assessment System

data is collected over a broad area, encompassing multiple turbine sites. Developers of wind projects use the data to confirm expectations and identify areas for installation of profitable wind farms. WindProspector also facilitates smarter wind farm installation. WindProspector’s high resolution wind resource maps enable wind farm developers to understand the effects of terrain and turbine […]

Early Warning Oil Spill System

wave and current forces on the oil spill.  The number of oil spill sensors to be installed needs to be evaluated for each installation, but correctly located and used in a logic combination these can be used to find the source of the oil spill as fast as possible. EWOS is a dedicated tool for […]


to increase the safety level during critical operations and can also be used to collect data for later analysis for statistics purposes as well as storing data for incident and accident investigations. heavy lifting, cable laying and others are often delicate or dangerous operations. Accurate Weather Monitoring during such operations can increase the operational window […]

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