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Meteorological Sensors

Air Humidity and Barometric Pressure. Rainfall sensors, Solar Radiation and others can also be included. however only those robust enough to survive the harsh conditions offshore will be recommended. A+D has over 25 years of experience in choosing the best models for your application.   Air Temperature and Air Humidity sensors but also Dew Point, Wet Bulb Temperature and others can […]

Motion Sensors

such as Pitch, Roll, Heave, Surge,  Sway, Yaw, Acceleration, Helideck Heave, Helideck Inclination, Heave Rate, Trim, List and others. Some of these parameters are measured directly by the sensors, others are calculated within the sensor or by accompanying software products. Special care must be taken in selecting a sensor with suitable measurement range and frequency range for the […]

Optical Sensors

but are now also widely used offshore to improve safety in helicopter traffic. These sensors often use complicated lenses and optical components that is sensitive to vibration and mechanical shock. Special care therefore needs to be taken when locating and installing such sensors offshore, if possible shock absorbers should be used. Optical sensors are also very vulnerable […]

Current Sensors

Single-point Current Meters and Current Profilers. Single-point current meters will only measure the current in the exact depth where they are installed, and as sea currents often tend to vary significantly with depth, it’s often preferred to measure the current profile for the entire water column by using a Current Profiler.   Single-point Current meters several of these with well-proven […]

Wave Sensors

several other solutions based on down-looking radars or lasers exist and work reliably, depending upon location. Also systems based on using horizontally looking radars, even standard X-band ships’ radars have been used as well as up-looking ADCP sensors and pressure sensors.   Wave Buoy sensors such as Sea Temperature and others can be added upon request as well as […]

Wind Sensors

such as propellers and rotating cups. In recent years, sensors using modern ultrasonic technology have been introduced and developed to a level that makes them suitable for offshore applications. however only those robust enough to survive the harsh conditions offshore will be recommended. We have over 25 years of experience in choosing the best models […]

Ice Detection Sensors

Working in sites exposed to icing can be extremely dangerous to working personnel if not warned in time. Ice can make steps and ladders slippery and make work situations at heights or emergency evacuation more dangerous than allowable. and offshore oil and gas platforms — in particular in arctic waters, will be exposed to icing […]

Personal Lightning Detector

Working in sites exposed to lightning can be extremely dangerous to working personnel if not warned in time. The ThunderBolt unit is one of the highest professional – grade Portable Lightning Detectors available on the market and could potentially save lives if used. Storm and Lightning Detection Range – 75 Miles (100 km in metric […]

Motion Sensor – Adaptive Integrated Motion Measurement (AIMM)

rate gyro sensors, and magnetometers. They have developed over a number of years and in so doing established a reliable and accurate measurement capability at an affordable cost. The AIMM system also has available additional analogue signal interfacing plus RS232/RS485. RJ45 Ethernet is also available for data export and presentation. AIMM takes advantage of MEMS […]

Wavesat – Downlooking Wave Radar

complete with installation brackets are available to measure Wave Height and Period. Transportable systems are also available.   Wave Radar Description and connected to a power supply. The radar is of sturdy and extremely compact design. A measurement range of 0, 5 to 70 meters will cover a large range of users and make this unit suitable […]

Stepgauge Tide and Wave Measurements

depending upon application, but one of the main problems will always be reliability in long term operations. The Stepgauge sensor is one of the most robust sensors on the market with extreme long-term reliability and low maintenance requirements. This unit is perfectly suited for harbours and shallow water applications, but can also be used in […]

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